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 Title: Extremal norms for positive linear inclusions

 Author/s: Ait Rami, Mustafa   Bokharaie, Vahid S.   Mason, Oliver   Wirth, Fabian R.  

 Number: 0177 Presentation Type: Full Paper

 Filename: MTNS2012_0177_paper.pdf

 Title: Nonlinear spectral radii of order-preserving maps and infinite horizon zero-sum two-player stochastic games

 Author/s: Akian, Marianne   Gaubert, Stephane   Nussbaum, Roger    

 Number: 0199 Presentation Type: Extended Abstract

 Filename: MTNS2012_0199_paper.pdf

 Title: A risk-based approach to optimisation under limited information

 Author/s: Alpcan, Tansu        

 Number: 0122 Presentation Type: Full Paper

 Filename: MTNS2012_0122_paper.pdf

 Title: Lyapunov functions for the stability of a class of chemical reaction networks

 Author/s: Angeli, David   Ali Al-Radhawi, Muhammad      

 Number: 0281 Presentation Type: Full Paper

 Filename: MTNS2012_0281_paper.pdf

 Title: Safety analysis under probabilistic target constraints

 Author/s: Assellaou, Mohamed   Bokanowski, Olivier   Desilles, Anna   Zidani, Hasnaa  

 Number: 0145 Presentation Type: Extended Abstract

 Filename: MTNS2012_0145_paper.pdf

 Title: Controllability on SL(2,C)

 Author/s: Ayala, Victor   Rodriguez, Julio   San Martin, Luiz    

 Number: 0055 Presentation Type: Extended Abstract

 Filename: MTNS2012_0055_paper.pdf

 Title: Limit behaviour of control systems from shadowing semigroups and flows

 Author/s: Ayala, Victor   San Martin, Luiz      

 Number: 0056 Presentation Type: Extended Abstract

 Filename: MTNS2012_0056_paper.pdf

 Title: A Geometic Approach to shortest bounded curvature paths in surfaces of constact non-positive curvature

 Author/s: Ayala-Hoffmann Jose   Rubinstein, Hyam   Brazil, Marcus   Thomas, Doreen  

 Number: 0287 Presentation Type: Extended Abstract

 Filename: MTNS2012_0287_paper.pdf

 Title: Morse decompositions of semiflows associated with graphs

 Author/s: Ayala-Hoffmann, Jose   Kliemann, Wolfgang      

 Number: 0286 Presentation Type: Extended Abstract

 Filename: MTNS2012_0286_paper.pdf

 Title: Set-valued Euler's method realized with interpolated distance functions and optimal control solvers

 Author/s: Baier, Robert        

 Number: 0085 Presentation Type: Extended Abstract

 Filename: MTNS2012_0085_paper.pdf

 Title: Avoidance trajectories for driver assistance systems via solvers for optimal control problems

 Author/s: Baier, Robert   Gerdts, Matthias   Xausa, Ilaria   Gonter, Mark  

 Number: 0294 Presentation Type: Full Paper

 Filename: MTNS2012_0294_paper.pdf

 Title: Noncommutative multidimensional linear systems, analytic function theory and real algebraic geometry in the noncommutative setting, and overdetermined multidimensional linear systems: a minicourse

 Author/s: Ball, Joseph A.   Helton, J. William   Kaliuzhnyi-Verbovetskyi, Dmitry   Klep, Igor   Vinnikov, Victor

 Number: 0183 Presentation Type: Extended Abstract

 Filename: MTNS2012_0183_paper.pdf

 Title: Stabilization and control design by partial output feedback

 Author/s: Blumthaler, Ingrid        

 Number: 0015 Presentation Type: Full Paper

 Filename: MTNS2012_0015_paper.pdf

 Title: A new parametrization of observers

 Author/s: Blumthaler, Ingrid   Trumpf, Jochen      

 Number: 0099 Presentation Type: Full Paper

 Filename: MTNS2012_0099_paper.pdf

 Title: Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman approach for the climbing problem for multi-stage launchers

 Author/s: Bokanowski, Olivier   Cristiani, Emiliano   Laurent-Varin, Julien   Zidani, Hasnaa  

 Number: 0204 Presentation Type: Full Paper

 Filename: MTNS2012_0204_paper.pdf

 Title: Reachability for state constrained stochastic control problems

 Author/s: Bokanowski, Olivier   Picarelli, Athena      

 Number: 0094 Presentation Type: Extended Abstract

 Filename: MTNS2012_0094_paper.pdf

 Title: Network planning problems in mining export supply chains

 Author/s: Boland, Natashia        

 Number: 0251 Presentation Type: Extended Abstract

 Filename: MTNS2012_0251_paper.pdf

 Title: Scheduling unit processing time arc shutdown jobs to maximize network flow over time: complexity results

 Author/s: Boland, Natashia   Kalinowski, Thomas   Kapoor, Reena   Kaur, Simranjit  

 Number: 0256 Presentation Type: Extended Abstract

 Filename: MTNS2012_0256_paper.pdf

 Title: Geometric and algebraic conditions for j-controllable behaviors

 Author/s: Boquet, Grant        

 Number: 0207 Presentation Type: Extended Abstract

 Filename: MTNS2012_0207_paper.pdf

 Title: A geometric subgradient descent algorithm for the economic load dispatch problem

 Author/s: Borckmans, Pierre   Suviseshamuthu, Easter Selvan   Boumal Nicolas   Absil Pierre-Antoine  

 Number: 0198 Presentation Type: Extended Abstract

 Filename: MTNS2012_0198_paper.pdf

 Title: The bottleneck biconnected steiner network problem

 Author/s: Brazil, Marcus   Ras, Charl   Thomas Doreen    

 Number: 0096 Presentation Type: Full Paper

 Filename: MTNS2012_0096_paper.pdf

 Title: Performance of a synchronized community detection algorithm

 Author/s: Browet, Arnaud   Absil, Pierre-Antoine   Van Dooren, Paul    

 Number: 0140 Presentation Type: Extended Abstract

 Filename: MTNS2012_0140_paper.pdf

 Title: Higher order variational time discretization of optimal control problems

 Author/s: Campos, Cedric M.   Junge, Oliver   Ober-BlObaum, Sina    

 Number: 0086 Presentation Type: Full Paper

 Filename: MTNS2012_0086_paper.pdf

 Title: Distributed labeling in autonomous agent populations

 Author/s: Campos, Gabriel   Shames, Iman   Bishop, Adrian    

 Number: 0187 Presentation Type: Extended Abstract

 Filename: MTNS2012_0187_paper.pdf

 Title: Causal invertibility on hilbert resolution Spaces

 Author/s: Cantoni, Michael   Khong, Sei Zhen      

 Number: 0080 Presentation Type: Full Paper

 Filename: MTNS2012_0080_paper.pdf

 Title: Stabilization of switched linear stochastic systems under delayed discrete mode observations

 Author/s: Cetinkaya, Ahmet   Hayakawa, Tomohisa      

 Number: 0212 Presentation Type: Full Paper

 Filename: MTNS2012_0212_paper.pdf

 Title: Cartesian Products of Z-Matrix Networks: Factorization and Interval Analysis

 Author/s: Chapman, Airlie   Mesbahi, Mehran      

 Number: 0224 Presentation Type: Full Paper

 Filename: MTNS2012_0224_paper.pdf

 Title: LQR problem of continuous-time LTI systems with random gains

 Author/s: Chen, Wei   Zheng, Jianying   Qiu, Li    

 Number: 0133 Presentation Type: Extended Abstract

 Filename: MTNS2012_0133_paper.pdf

 Title: A global steering method for nonholonomic systems

 Author/s: Chitour, Yacine   Jean, Frederic   Long, Ruixing    

 Number: 0030 Presentation Type: Extended Abstract

 Filename: MTNS2012_0030_paper.pdf

 Title: Lattice Theory in Phase Unwrapping and Timing Recovery

 Author/s: Clarkson, Vaughan   McKilliam, Robby   Quinn, Barry    

 Number: 0260 Presentation Type: Extended Abstract

 Filename: MTNS2012_0260_paper.pdf
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