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 Title: MDS 2D convolutional codes

 Author/s: Climent, Joan-Josep   Napp, Diego   Perea, Carmen   Pinto, Raquel  

 Number: 0264 Presentation Type: Extended Abstract

 Filename: MTNS2012_0264_paper.pdf

 Title: Entropy for external stability of linear control systems

 Author/s: Colonius, Fritz        

 Number: 0018 Presentation Type: Full Paper

 Filename: MTNS2012_0018_paper.pdf

 Title: Global bifurcations of control sets and random dynamics

 Author/s: Colonius, Fritz        

 Number: 0057 Presentation Type: Extended Abstract

 Filename: MTNS2012_0057_paper.pdf

 Title: An approach to minimal bit rates and entropy for deterministic control

 Author/s: Colonius, Fritz        

 Number: 0306 Presentation Type: Full Paper

 Filename: MTNS2012_0306_paper.pdf

 Title: Dwell-time conditions for robust stability of impulsive systems

 Author/s: Dashkovskiy, Sergey   Mironchenko, Andrii      

 Number: 0072 Presentation Type: Full Paper

 Filename: MTNS2012_0072_paper.pdf

 Title: Stabilization of GTF systems with unknown parameters

 Author/s: Dashkovskiy, Sergey   Pavlichkov, Svyatoslav      

 Number: 0052 Presentation Type: Full Paper

 Filename: MTNS2012_0052_paper.pdf

 Title: An on-Line MUSIC algorithm with applications to sparse signal reconstruction

 Author/s: Delgado, Ramon A.   Goodwin, Graham C.   Feuer, Arie    

 Number: 0111 Presentation Type: Full Paper

 Filename: MTNS2012_0111_paper.pdf

 Title: Introducing open ergodic theory

 Author/s: Delvenne, Jean-Charles   Ivanov, Tzvetan      

 Number: 0118 Presentation Type: Extended Abstract

 Filename: MTNS2012_0118_paper.pdf

 Title: Stability of distributed power control algorithms for time-dependent wireless networks

 Author/s: Devane, Eoin   Lestas, Ioannis      

 Number: 0093 Presentation Type: Extended Abstract

 Filename: MTNS2012_0093_paper.pdf

 Title: Cascaded fliess operators with rough path inputs

 Author/s: Duffaut, Espinosa Luis A.   Gray, W. Steven   Thitsa, Makhin    

 Number: 0063 Presentation Type: Full Paper

 Filename: MTNS2012_0063_paper.pdf

 Title: Physical realizability of an open spin system

 Author/s: Duffaut, Espinosa Luis A.   Miao, Z. B.   Petersen, I. R.   Ugrinovskii, V.   James, M. R.

 Number: 0154 Presentation Type: Full Paper

 Filename: MTNS2012_0154_paper.pdf

 Title: Linear-exponential-quadratic gaussian control for stochastic partial differential equations

 Author/s: Duncan, Tyrone   Pasik-Duncan, Bozenna      

 Number: 0035 Presentation Type: Full Paper

 Filename: MTNS2012_0035_paper.pdf

 Title: Local exact controllability of the one-dimensional compressible Navier-Stokes equation

 Author/s: Ervedoza, Sylvain   Glass, Olivier   Guerrero, Sergio   Puel, Jean-Pierre  

 Number: 0040 Presentation Type: Extended Abstract

 Filename: MTNS2012_0040_paper.pdf

 Title: Predictive path following without terminal constraints

 Author/s: Faulwasser, Timm   Findeisen, Rolf      

 Number: 0124 Presentation Type: Extended Abstract

 Filename: MTNS2012_0124_paper.pdf

 Title: Structured covariance estimation in high resolution spectral analysis

 Author/s: Ferrante, Augusto   Pavon, Michele   Zorzi, Mattia    

 Number: 0076 Presentation Type: Full Paper

 Filename: MTNS2012_0076_paper.pdf

 Title: A numerical approach for solving optimal control of hybrid systems

 Author/s: Ferretti, Roberto   Zhao, Jun-Yi   Zidani, Hasnaa    

 Number: 0075 Presentation Type: Extended Abstract

 Filename: MTNS2012_0075_paper.pdf

 Title: On burst error correction and storage security of noisy data

 Author/s: Fontein, Felix   Marshall, Kyle   Rosenthal, Joachim   Schipani, Davide   Trautmann, Anna-Lena

 Number: 0258 Presentation Type: Full Paper

 Filename: MTNS2012_0258_paper.pdf

 Title: Global optimal solutions to a general sensor network localization problem

 Author/s: Gao, David   Ruan, Ning      

 Number: 0138 Presentation Type: Full Paper

 Filename: MTNS2012_0138_paper.pdf

 Title: Effects of long range connections on Markov chain mixing times

 Author/s: Gerencser, Balazs        

 Number: 0142 Presentation Type: Full Paper

 Filename: MTNS2012_0142_paper.pdf

 Title: Identification of levy systems in financial mathematics

 Author/s: Gerencser, Laszlo   Manfay, Mate   Gerencser, Balazs    

 Number: 0178 Presentation Type: Full Paper

 Filename: MTNS2012_0178_paper.pdf

 Title: Passivity based control of underactuated 2-D SpiderCrane Manipulator

 Author/s: Gogte, Gaury   Chinde, Venkatesh   Kazi, Faruk   Singh, Navdeep   Pasumarthy, R

 Number: 0205 Presentation Type: Full Paper

 Filename: MTNS2012_0205_paper.pdf

 Title: On the weak proper solutions of tangential interpolation problems

 Author/s: Gombani, Andrea   Michaletzky, Gyorgy      

 Number: 0218 Presentation Type: Extended Abstract

 Filename: MTNS2012_0218_paper.pdf

 Title: Rational representations and minimal state representations of behaviors

 Author/s: Gottimukkala, Sasanka   Trentelman, Harry      

 Number: 0033 Presentation Type: Extended Abstract

 Filename: MTNS2012_0033_paper.pdf

 Title: Smooth universal inputs for smooth systems: A formal power series approach

 Author/s: Gray, W. Steven   Wang, Yuan      

 Number: 0070 Presentation Type: Full Paper

 Filename: MTNS2012_0070_paper.pdf

 Title: Minimum Homogeneous Weights of a Class of Cyclic Codes over Primary Integer Residue Rings

 Author/s: Greferath, Marcus        

 Number: 0227 Presentation Type: Extended Abstract

 Filename: MTNS2012_0227_paper.pdf

 Title: Optimal design of an underground mine decline with an associated vent raise

 Author/s: Grossman, Peter   Brazil, Marcus   Rubinstein, Hyam   Thomas, Doreen  

 Number: 0083 Presentation Type: Full Paper

 Filename: MTNS2012_0083_paper.pdf

 Title: Economic MPC without terminal constraints

 Author/s: Gruene, Lars        

 Number: 0058 Presentation Type: Extended Abstract

 Filename: MTNS2012_0058_paper.pdf

 Title: Lyapunov function based step size control for numerical ODE solvers

 Author/s: Gruene, Lars   Karafyllis, Iasson      

 Number: 0254 Presentation Type: Extended Abstract

 Filename: MTNS2012_0254_paper.pdf

 Title: An improved Lagrangian relaxation method for maximising the net present value of large resource-constrained projects

 Author/s: Gu, Hanyu   Wallace, Mark G.   Stuckey, Peter J.    

 Number: 0151 Presentation Type: Extended Abstract

 Filename: MTNS2012_0151_paper.pdf

 Title: Geometric decomposition and potential-based representation of nonlinear systems

 Author/s: Guay, Martin   Hudon, Nicolas   Hoeffner, Kai    

 Number: 0192 Presentation Type: Full Paper

 Filename: MTNS2012_0192_paper.pdf
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