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 Title: A Geometic Approach to shortest bounded curvature paths in surfaces of constact non-positive curvature

 Author/s: Ayala-Hoffmann Jose   Rubinstein, Hyam   Brazil, Marcus   Thomas, Doreen  

 Number: 0287 Presentation Type: Extended Abstract

 Filename: MTNS2012_0287_paper.pdf

 Title: A generalized fractional calculus of variations with applications

 Author/s: Odzijewicz, Tatiana   Malinowska Agnieszka B.   Torres, Delfim F. M.    

 Number: 0159 Presentation Type: Extended Abstract

 Filename: MTNS2012_0159_paper.pdf

 Title: A geometric subgradient descent algorithm for the economic load dispatch problem

 Author/s: Borckmans, Pierre   Suviseshamuthu, Easter Selvan   Boumal Nicolas   Absil Pierre-Antoine  

 Number: 0198 Presentation Type: Extended Abstract

 Filename: MTNS2012_0198_paper.pdf

 Title: A global steering method for nonholonomic systems

 Author/s: Chitour, Yacine   Jean, Frederic   Long, Ruixing    

 Number: 0030 Presentation Type: Extended Abstract

 Filename: MTNS2012_0030_paper.pdf

 Title: A graph theoretical approach to network encoding complexity

 Author/s: Xu, Li   Shang Weiping   Han, Guangyue    

 Number: 0259 Presentation Type: Extended Abstract

 Filename: MTNS2012_0259_paper.pdf

 Title: A leader/follower approach for distributed coordination of interacting components

 Author/s: Marinica, Nicolae Emanuel   Boel, Rene      

 Number: 0077 Presentation Type: Extended Abstract

 Filename: MTNS2012_0077_paper.pdf

 Title: A model reduction strategy preserving disturbance decoupling properties

 Author/s: Mutsaers, Mark   Weiland, Siep      

 Number: 0147 Presentation Type: Full Paper

 Filename: MTNS2012_0147_paper.pdf

 Title: A new parametrization of observers

 Author/s: Blumthaler, Ingrid   Trumpf, Jochen      

 Number: 0099 Presentation Type: Full Paper

 Filename: MTNS2012_0099_paper.pdf

 Title: A new version of necessary conditions for optimal control problems with differential algebraic equations

 Author/s: Kornienko, Igor   Gerdts, Matthias   de Pinho, Maria do Rosario    

 Number: 0043 Presentation Type: Full Paper

 Filename: MTNS2012_0043_paper.pdf

 Title: A note on invariance in the behavioral approach

 Author/s: Rocha, Paula   Pereira, Ricardo      

 Number: 0051 Presentation Type: Extended Abstract

 Filename: MTNS2012_0051_paper.pdf

 Title: A numerical approach for solving optimal control of hybrid systems

 Author/s: Ferretti, Roberto   Zhao, Jun-Yi   Zidani, Hasnaa    

 Number: 0075 Presentation Type: Extended Abstract

 Filename: MTNS2012_0075_paper.pdf

 Title: A numerical condition for the physical realizability of a quantum linear system

 Author/s: Vuglar, Shanon   Petersen Ian      

 Number: 0190 Presentation Type: Full Paper

 Filename: MTNS2012_0190_paper.pdf

 Title: A random coordinate descent algorithm for singly linear constrained smooth optimization

 Author/s: Necoara, Ion   Patrascu, Andrei      

 Number: 0210 Presentation Type: Full Paper

 Filename: MTNS2012_0210_paper.pdf

 Title: A risk-based approach to optimisation under limited information

 Author/s: Alpcan, Tansu        

 Number: 0122 Presentation Type: Full Paper

 Filename: MTNS2012_0122_paper.pdf

 Title: A unified framework for constructing fast-decodable codes for N relays

 Author/s: Hollanti, Camilla   Markin, Nadya      

 Number: 0262 Presentation Type: Full Paper

 Filename: MTNS2012_0262_paper.pdf

 Title: Active Noise Control with Sampled-Data Filtered-x Adaptive Algorithm

 Author/s: Nagahara, Masaaki   Hamaguchi, Kenichi   Yamamoto, Yutaka    

 Number: 0267 Presentation Type: Extended Abstract

 Filename: MTNS2012_0267_paper.pdf

 Title: Adaptive iterative learning control for robotic-assisted upper limb stroke rehabilitation

 Author/s: Le, Fengmin   Freeman, Chris T   Markovsky, Ivan   Rogers, Eric  

 Number: 0130 Presentation Type: Extended Abstract

 Filename: MTNS2012_0130_paper.pdf

 Title: Algebraic characterization of free directions of scalar n-D Autonomous Systems

 Author/s: Pal, Debasattam   Pillai Harish K.      

 Number: 0089 Presentation Type: Full Paper

 Filename: MTNS2012_0089_paper.pdf

 Title: Alternatives for optimization in systems and control: convex and non-convex approaches

 Author/s: Simon, Emile        

 Number: 0279 Presentation Type: Extended Abstract

 Filename: MTNS2012_0279_paper.pdf

 Title: An algorithm for the minimum rank of a loop directed tree

 Author/s: Trefois, Maguy   Delvenne, Jean-Charles      

 Number: 0067 Presentation Type: Extended Abstract

 Filename: MTNS2012_0067_paper.pdf

 Title: An approach to minimal bit rates and entropy for deterministic control

 Author/s: Colonius, Fritz        

 Number: 0306 Presentation Type: Full Paper

 Filename: MTNS2012_0306_paper.pdf

 Title: An improved Lagrangian relaxation method for maximising the net present value of large resource-constrained projects

 Author/s: Gu, Hanyu   Wallace, Mark G.   Stuckey, Peter J.    

 Number: 0151 Presentation Type: Extended Abstract

 Filename: MTNS2012_0151_paper.pdf

 Title: An improved max-plus eigenvector method for the approximation of nonlinear L_2-gain bounds

 Author/s: Zhang, Huan   Dower, Peter      

 Number: 0200 Presentation Type: Extended Abstract

 Filename: MTNS2012_0200_paper.pdf

 Title: An on-Line MUSIC algorithm with applications to sparse signal reconstruction

 Author/s: Delgado, Ramon A.   Goodwin, Graham C.   Feuer, Arie    

 Number: 0111 Presentation Type: Full Paper

 Filename: MTNS2012_0111_paper.pdf

 Title: Analysis and control of quadrotor via a Normal Form approach

 Author/s: Wang, Jing   Boussaada Islam   Cela, Arben   Mounier, Hugues   Niculescu, Silviu-Iulian

 Number: 0206 Presentation Type: Full Paper

 Filename: MTNS2012_0206_paper.pdf

 Title: Avoidance trajectories for driver assistance systems via solvers for optimal control problems

 Author/s: Baier, Robert   Gerdts, Matthias   Xausa, Ilaria   Gonter, Mark  

 Number: 0294 Presentation Type: Full Paper

 Filename: MTNS2012_0294_paper.pdf

 Title: Balanced chemical reaction networks governed by general kinetics

 Author/s: Jayawardhana, Bayu   Rao, Shodhan   van der Schaft, Arjan    

 Number: 0069 Presentation Type: Extended Abstract

 Filename: MTNS2012_0069_paper.pdf

 Title: Balancing as a moment matching problem

 Author/s: Ionescu, Tudor, C.   Scherpen, Jacquelien M.A.   Iftime, Orest   Astolfi, Alessandro  

 Number: 0285 Presentation Type: Full Paper

 Filename: MTNS2012_0285_paper.pdf

 Title: Behavioral distance and rational representations

 Author/s: Trentelman, Harry   Gottimukkala, Sasanka      

 Number: 0037 Presentation Type: Extended Abstract

 Filename: MTNS2012_0037_paper.pdf

 Title: Bounded stabilization of a class of stochastic port-Hamiltonian systems

 Author/s: Satoh, Satoshi   Saeki, masami      

 Number: 0150 Presentation Type: Extended Abstract

 Filename: MTNS2012_0150_paper.pdf
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