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 Title: Canonical Forms for Pseudo-Continuous Multi-Mode Multi-Dimensional Systems with Conservation Laws

 Author/s: Verriest, Erik        

 Number: 0274 Presentation Type: Extended Abstract

 Filename: MTNS2012_0274_paper.pdf

 Title: Cartesian Products of Z-Matrix Networks: Factorization and Interval Analysis

 Author/s: Chapman, Airlie   Mesbahi, Mehran      

 Number: 0224 Presentation Type: Full Paper

 Filename: MTNS2012_0224_paper.pdf

 Title: Cascaded fliess operators with rough path inputs

 Author/s: Duffaut, Espinosa Luis A.   Gray, W. Steven   Thitsa, Makhin    

 Number: 0063 Presentation Type: Full Paper

 Filename: MTNS2012_0063_paper.pdf

 Title: Casimir-based control beyond the dissipation obstacle

 Author/s: Koopman, Johan   Jeltsema, Dimitri      

 Number: 0116 Presentation Type: Extended Abstract

 Filename: MTNS2012_0116_paper.pdf

 Title: Causal invertibility on hilbert resolution Spaces

 Author/s: Cantoni, Michael   Khong, Sei Zhen      

 Number: 0080 Presentation Type: Full Paper

 Filename: MTNS2012_0080_paper.pdf

 Title: Causal rate distortion function and relations to filtering theory

 Author/s: Stavrou, Photios   Charalambous, Charalambos      

 Number: 0148 Presentation Type: Extended Abstract

 Filename: MTNS2012_0148_paper.pdf

 Title: Chemical reaction networks and consensus dynamics

 Author/s: Jayawardhana, Bayu   Rao, Shodhan   van der Schaft, Arjan    

 Number: 0181 Presentation Type: Extended Abstract

 Filename: MTNS2012_0181_paper.pdf

 Title: Clustered Model Reduction of Large-Scale Complex Networks

 Author/s: Imura, Jun-ichi        

 Number: 0311 Presentation Type: Full Paper

 Filename: MTNS2012_0311_paper.pdf

 Title: Coalition formation in mean field stochastic systems

 Author/s: Kizilkale, Arman, C   Caines, Peter E      

 Number: 0291 Presentation Type: Extended Abstract

 Filename: MTNS2012_0291_paper.pdf

 Title: Collective Torus Control of Multi-Robot Systems

 Author/s: Zhang, Hai-Tao   Chen, Zhiyong   Yan, Long   Yu, Wenwu  

 Number: 0226 Presentation Type: Full Paper

 Filename: MTNS2012_0226_paper.pdf

 Title: Communication topology design under limited bandwidth

 Author/s: Yang, Chao   Wu, Junfeng   Zhang, Wei   Shi, Ling  

 Number: 0062 Presentation Type: Extended Abstract

 Filename: MTNS2012_0062_paper.pdf

 Title: Composition of canonical port-Hamiltonian systems on smooth and discrete manifolds

 Author/s: Seslija, Marko   Scherpen, Jacquelien M.A.   van der Schaft, Arjan    

 Number: 0121 Presentation Type: Extended Abstract

 Filename: MTNS2012_0121_paper.pdf

 Title: Computing the riemannian log map on the Stiefel manifold

 Author/s: Rentmeesters, Quentin        

 Number: 0197 Presentation Type: Extended Abstract

 Filename: MTNS2012_0197_paper.pdf

 Title: Consensus algorithms with delayed nonlinear couplings

 Author/s: Proskurnikov, Anton        

 Number: 0032 Presentation Type: Extended Abstract

 Filename: MTNS2012_0032_paper.pdf

 Title: Consensus in switching networks with sectorial nonlinear couplings

 Author/s: Proskurnikov, Anton        

 Number: 0038 Presentation Type: Full Paper

 Filename: MTNS2012_0038_paper.pdf

 Title: Construction of algebraic-differential equations with given smooth-impulsive behavior

 Author/s: Karampetakis, Nicholas        

 Number: 0071 Presentation Type: Full Paper

 Filename: MTNS2012_0071_paper.pdf

 Title: Control results for a simplified 1d fluid-particle system

 Author/s: Liu, Yuning   Takahashi, Takeo   Tucsnak, Marius    

 Number: 0045 Presentation Type: Extended Abstract

 Filename: MTNS2012_0045_paper.pdf

 Title: Controllability on SL(2,C)

 Author/s: Ayala, Victor   Rodriguez, Julio   San Martin, Luiz    

 Number: 0055 Presentation Type: Extended Abstract

 Filename: MTNS2012_0055_paper.pdf

 Title: Convex control theoretic smoothing splines

 Author/s: Meegaskumbura, Rochana   Martin, Clyde      

 Number: 0292 Presentation Type: Full Paper

 Filename: MTNS2012_0292_paper.pdf

 Title: Coprime factorizations of MISO fractional time-delay systems

 Author/s: Nguyen, Le Ha Vy   Bonnet, Catherine      

 Number: 0217 Presentation Type: Full Paper

 Filename: MTNS2012_0217_paper.pdf

 Title: Detection of human-initiated vehicle maneuvers via group-sparsity

 Author/s: Karasev, Peter   Vela, Adan   Vela, Patricio   Tannenbaum, Allen  

 Number: 0193 Presentation Type: Full Paper

 Filename: MTNS2012_0193_paper.pdf

 Title: Dirichlet boundary control of an unstable ODE plant with a diffusion process in the actuation path

 Author/s: Sano, Hideki        

 Number: 0163 Presentation Type: Full Paper

 Filename: MTNS2012_0163_paper.pdf

 Title: Dissipative feedback design for nonlinear systems with structured uncertainties

 Author/s: Hudon, Nicolas   Bao, Jie      

 Number: 0127 Presentation Type: Full Paper

 Filename: MTNS2012_0127_paper.pdf

 Title: Distributed control of large-scale systems based on dissipativity with quadratic differential forms

 Author/s: Tippett, Michael   Bao, Jie      

 Number: 0186 Presentation Type: Full Paper

 Filename: MTNS2012_0186_paper.pdf

 Title: Distributed cooperative nonlinear economic MPC

 Author/s: Lee, Jaehwa   Angeli, David      

 Number: 0280 Presentation Type: Full Paper

 Filename: MTNS2012_0280_paper.pdf

 Title: Distributed labeling in autonomous agent populations

 Author/s: Campos, Gabriel   Shames, Iman   Bishop, Adrian    

 Number: 0187 Presentation Type: Extended Abstract

 Filename: MTNS2012_0187_paper.pdf

 Title: Double quotient structures for invariant computations

 Author/s: Mahony, Robert   Sepulchre, Rodolphe   Absil, Pierre-Antoine    

 Number: 0268 Presentation Type: Extended Abstract

 Filename: MTNS2012_0268_paper.pdf

 Title: Dwell-time conditions for robust stability of impulsive systems

 Author/s: Dashkovskiy, Sergey   Mironchenko, Andrii      

 Number: 0072 Presentation Type: Full Paper

 Filename: MTNS2012_0072_paper.pdf

 Title: E-Nash mean field theory for nonlinear stochastic dynamic games with major-minor agents

 Author/s: Nourian, Mojtaba   Caines, Peter      

 Number: 0242 Presentation Type: Extended Abstract

 Filename: MTNS2012_0242_paper.pdf

 Title: Economic MPC without terminal constraints

 Author/s: Gruene, Lars        

 Number: 0058 Presentation Type: Extended Abstract

 Filename: MTNS2012_0058_paper.pdf
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